Lodging - Includes every aspect of lodging your home. Initial lodging preparation, all booking and communication, cleaning, stocking, and inspections. 

Home Maintenance - Includes all home repair.

Snow Removal - Snow removal for roads and drive-ways.

Exterior Inspection Surrounding the Home - Inspect propane and natural gas lines, inspect and repair roofs, decks, patios, lawn mowing.

Interior Inspection - Water valve and plumbing inspection, test and set security system, verify all access points on the home are locked and secure, check and set thermostats for appropriate season, inspect for pest intrusion, inspect and test electrical system (includes resetting breakers and timers), refrigerator/freezer checks, assist with trash and recycling services, home cleaning.

HOA Management - Home owner association management includes day to day issues that arise for homeowners, financial management, monthly reporting, legal/business needs, basic association landscaping, common area maintenance. policy and rule enforcement.